Xmas is over

February 26, 2014 at 12:34 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Yes it is now the new year, the holidays are over and all are back to work doing all of that ever so important work stuff, which varies from job to job. the Canada Federal election Campaigning for the next federal Canada general elections looks like it has already started, and I am wondering how Prime |Minister Campbell of Canada will perform in the upcoming election.



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  1. Brother Norm says that the conservatives and Justine will,split the vote for an NDP win.

    • very possible, IMO though most of the ndp seats came from Quebec which looks to be going ……Liberal. I would like to see a liberal-ndp-green party parliament after the next election with no conservatives, which IMO would be excellent for Canada, all of it, not just the banksters and their various sock-puppets.

      • The thing that really bothers me about the Liberals is that our political system seems to be falling apart to the point where they elect a leader based on family ties instead of experience. Secondly, don’t forget the sponsorship scandal where the Liberals were passing around piles of cash, literally, under the table.

        The Conservatives? No question there, time for a change. I could see a Liberal NDP coalition but the greens probably again won’t be in the running

      • yes indeed, there is many such failings and problems with our Representative government that looks to only represent large corporations and not the average Canadian. Democracy, which is everyone voting on all legislation is what Canada needs to have governments that serve the people instead of government that tries to rule the people.

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