You better buy and consume for a Happy Bankster Holidays !

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aaabackThree Big lies for the Religious Kings, to fool the masses.
Seven for the Monied Kings in their gold filled vaults.
Nine and more for the masses doomed to death and taxes.
In the land of Mortals where Fascism lies.
One Big Lie to rule them all, One Big Lie to bind them.
One Big Lie to deceive them all, and in the System grind them.
In the land of Mortals, where Fascism lies.

Fascism is when governments work hand in hand with the corporations to rob the people of everything, including real things that matter, like; Time, Energy, Freedoms and Rights.
Look at the history of the last 40 years. In nation after nation, loss of rights and more for the poor, while corporations and the Bankster owners gain. Fascism exalts the corporation above the living breathing soul. It measures success and advancement by bottom line profit, and not increased quality of life, or preservation of Nature. Fascism buries technological inventions that lower everyones cost of living, whiles promoting technology that increases everyones cost of living, so Bankster bottom line profit can increase. Fascism lets corporations ship jobs overseas to totalitarian dictator nations, where workers have less than no rights, so bottom line profit for banksters can increase. Fascists will lie, cheat, steal, be sock-puppet proxies, break laws, chuck aside morals and murder to enforce the lie that fascism is great for your children. Fascism lets governments work with corporations to put the people to work at jobs that do not pay enough to have quality of life, where working destroys the environment, and poisons the workers while doing so. Fascism lets a few, own so much, you may as well call it all, and lets those few pillage the many in the name of the few by the few for the few, which is what Fascism is about. Fascism lets fascists implement and believe in eugenics, where the poor, the undesirable, the dissidents are labeled terrorists, Fascism lets those it disagrees with be treated as slaves or worse, with less than no rights, for Fascism takes those it disagrees with and puts them threw a meat grinder, where anything profitable  is sold for maximum profit, and the leftover is rendered into smoke and ash in ovens built for only that. Fascism lets governments and fascists lie about such ovens, and those lies turn those beasts of ovens into glorified angels with wings and glowing halos. Fascism will destroy Unions, lower workers purchasing powers, have an education system that produces cogs instead of critical thinkers, fascism will spy upon all, and have a Military and police force that grows and grows almost as fast as the starving and homeless in a fascist system of Fascism.
The horrors of Fascists and fascism, are a multitude of barbaric and bloody woe. this mortal world, It’s a fascist Banksters paradise.

But there is hope, that mountain of doom name fascism can be destroyed, done away with, the Big Lie can be exposed, is been exposed, will continue to be exposed and Big lies are done in by the Truth.
Democracy, everyone voting on all legislation is how its turned around.
Click here for a light description of Democracy.

This link will take you to a safe secure site where you can purchase the E-book, The Second Age of Reasoning: Scientific Theism, that can help you get the morals to stand up and be counted for Democracy, where everyone votes on all legislation.


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