Canada Post; The Privatization

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stamp7Canada Post use to make profit, every year. but then, the Canada Post Grinch robocall frauded an election. He took a known privateer, put them in charge, and walla! Canada Post became a money looser! Now in a 1/2 meager attempt to explain the axing of hypothetical money loosing pitance, the Grinch of Canada post wants all home delivery axed and thrown under the bus. To privatize, first reduce services, then turn it into a money looser, make it impossible to use, then have a sock-puppet proxy scream to the world, “Privatization” will fix that!

In the slow death of Canada Post by privatization; The Grinch of Canada Post decided to take Canada backwards in time, about 300 or more so years to a time of no-home delivery! Yes indeed, instead of some forward thinking, like certain search engines, that are looking at using flying drones to deliver  mails and parcels are doing, its backwards, hundreds of years the Grinch of Canada Post does see and look, and want to take the country.
In order for Canada post to save  a possible hypothetical and theoretical $4.20.00 ( four dollars and twenty cents) The Grinch of Canada Post has decreed that over 5 million must now; spend 1/2 hour per mail pick up, plus vehicle fuel, wear and tear, to get mail.
The bottom line profit hugging Grinch of Canada Post has decreed with no vote by you, to charge Canada over 5 billion dollars($5,000,000,000.00) to get the mail, so Canada Post can save a theoretical walloping four dollars and twenty cents.
one person times 1/2 hour per trip,  times at 150 trips to the vandalized, littered mail box=approx 75 hours per year Plus vehicle fuel, wear and tear. 75 hours times the average wage=approx $1500.00 per person, plus vehicle fuel, wear and tear. Add in insurance, the odd flat tire, some vehicle accident repair costs here and there, plus taking someone else with you once in a while and it works out to almost $2000.00 per person per year!
$2,000.00 per year times 5 million people is=TEN BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR !!!!
Since this is a guesstimate number I will chop it by 50% which makes it
5 Billion dollars and no sense per year for 5 million people to go to the vandalized mail box and get the mail ($5,000,000,000.00.)

ITS FREE TO send MAIL to THE POSTAL GRINCH: No stamp needed!
Office of the Prime Minister(the Postal Grinch)
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

Fax: 613-941-6900

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