11/12/13 If Fascist pigs were turned into Bacon, no one would go hungry!

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_53298140_shuttleIf only Canada was advanced as this image is, in Democracy and freedoms. But countries like Uruguay are way ahead of Canada in Democracy, freedom and even control over large Corporations. Canada, because of things like Alberta stifling free speech and outlawing Unions, is fast becoming a totalitarian dictatorship of unbridled, unchecked fascism. Fascism is where Government works hand in hand with Big Corporations to pillage the lands and rob the peoples. From coast to coast to coast this is happening. We export lots of oil already, why do we need another leaking pipeline spilling toxic stuff all over the environment? Fascism is why, for the people will only get toxic pipeline spills to wreck their Health and wallets, so Big Oil can enjoy more bottom line profits! 4o years of fascist rule in Alberta, and Alberta is one of the worst polluters in the world, where the quality of life has decreased! But Big corporations now rape hundreds of billions in bottom line profits from Alberta every year. Yet first nations live in 4th world conditions in Alberta, the people have no representation in Government that rules by decrees and never seams to listen to the people, unless they are major share holders in big Corporations.
In Fascist Nations the people, that stand up and ask for rights, freedoms, respect, and other such important to quality of life things are branded the continuous enemy, for getting in the way of increasing Big Corporations bottom line profits. Such can be seen in the draconian police state presence at the G8 meeting in Toronto a few years ago, the kevlar clad police forces at the fracking protests, the anti Union legislation in Alberta, the unchecked covert spying upon all, media turned into sock-puppet proxies that only parrot and not investigate, to name a few of too many examples.
Fascists only see money and will thwart any law to obtain, gain and hold onto political power, this can be seen in Canada in a few examples like; in the robo call election fraud, the overspending election fraud, the contempt of parliament, the senate scandals, the PMO scandal, crack smoking mayors, tens of millions used to put up action plan signs that acomplish nothing for the people and more.
If you want to help end fascism in Canada, and bring in governments that actually help improve the quality of life for all, instead of just looking out for Big Corporations bottom line profits, do not support the conservative parties. I|MO those conservative parties are not what they say they are, instead they are a bunch of Fascists, that will lie, cheat, steal, and do watever they can to make you believe they are not what they are, which is a bunch of Fascists that do not care about you or Canada. All that Fascist party of Canada cares about is bottom line profit hugging, and only hug others, like babies for photo ops with a sneer of dissing hidden inside. Besides some Hate and other such horrors, thats about all that is inside a Fascist.
Support other political parties, donate to them, volunteer for them, get others besides yourself voting for them, because we don’t need Fascism in Canada, It’s only putting us behind too many countries in what matters, freedoms, respect, quality of life and all that is good and decent and worth standing up  and been counted for in this World.


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