TRUCK OF THE YEAR WINNER! Ford’s Union buster Truck, made in Alberta, available inRed!

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GrrrWell I did not have any excellent cool images of Fords so I Used that image of the angry fountain dude! Horns or ears that is the Question? what do you think, are they small stubby horns or strange spock like pointy ears? Other than that it looks like A HARPOCALYPSE has struck the Prime Ministers Office of Canada, and been festering there for years.the festering for years HARPOCALYPSE  has also caused the FORDPOCALYPSE  which has also struck Canada! The Alberta ford is destroying workers rights, seizing guns, and more! The Toronto ford is working on Toronto and getting international help to wreck Canada from the PMO and the senate, where there is probably a lot of expensive Fords with all the bells and whistles and very low gas mileage.
HAs Quality of Life improved for everyone since these people were elected? No, of course it has not, in fact it has gotten worse! Inflation has lowered purchasing power, making more poorer people in Canada since they were elected. More pollution in t he air, more oil spills, train wrecks, etc, etc, etc.
This EBook may be one of the only things able to stop the HARPOCALYPSE click that link to purchase it at a safe secure retail site!


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