Justin Time for the Holidays!

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govgonewild849759849_nAwesome, Justin time for the holidays! Premier RageFord of Alberta, has decided to do the 1/2 step backwards shuffle! and no its not a new pants near the floor club dance. Its a cabinet of government shuffle of ministers.
There will be a new minister of denying, similar to N. Korea’s, and the minister of photo ops may be replaced. Also replaced is the minister of disinformation and the  minister of non-schooling or as some say, the minister of brainwashing for cogs, the schooling for critical thinkers is out of province where they actually invest in teaching. the minister of no-justice may be shuffled as will be the minister of using tax dollars for election signs. Although Warren is not elected he is the official Premier’s minister of name calling on social media. An actual elected back bencher may be promoted to minister of official name calling outside of social media. The minister of union-busting, the minister of lowering wages purchasing powers may stay. But the minister of editing bad words like “strike” from all dictionaries is newly promoted. My favorites the minister of leash and whipping the media and the minister of chopping seniors by less of everything are not been replaced?  I do wonder though with all that is happening; Is there also a minister of implementing Fascism under the guise of “it protects the children?”


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