Believe what you will, your DNA probably says different.

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nov1 043What? Says the synapses as they click and whir like intricate cogs in some new fangled machine that cooks, does the dishes and surfs the internet for free, while deleting all the spam you never want to see, as the mind comprehends the title of this post.
Yes indeed, some call themselves brand a of religion b and others say they are a follower of brand DD1 of Religion W22 and on and on, some even say they have no religion, and some of those say they have no religion but do indeed have spirituality!
There may even be a brand that has members wear tin foil hats when talking about religions other than the tin foil hat wearing one.
And the hats and robes and staffs and orbs and other such ceremonial garb. It can make one wonder if the more gaudy the garb the more holy the person? Does DNA in  your cells have a religion? what do they bow down to? Or perhaps an atom on the screen, does it bow toward mecca, or wall street or perhaps its far away home?  Just Maybe that atom on the screen bows down and worships something else, the same something that every every atom in your body bows down and worships twenty four slash seven (24/7)
Yes indeed, those atoms all of them in the  computer screen and in your body, all of them bow down and worship the Truth. Self Evident truths like ohms law which governs electricity. those Atoms also worship the laws of gravity, all the time, no matter what you say your religion is. Those same atoms, they also obey the laws of thermodynamics and relativity and quantum mechanics.  In fact those atoms obey all the laws of science that we have found are finding and will find, all the time.
Those laws all atoms obey also show that atoms have a religion and here it is. The one and only true and real religion of all atoms everywhere and of god  is Scientific Theism.
Because of the nature of Truth Scientific Religion is also your religion no matter what you mistakenly label yourself as now.
this Ebook explains it all, click the link to purchase it at a safe secure site!

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