The Canada Sugar Maple tree

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mapleTo all levels of Government everywhere, Canada and the entire world.
Humanity must preserve the genetic integrity of the Canadian sugar maple tree(Acer saccharum). The Canada sugar maple tree is the national tree of Canada and worldwide the leaf is recognized as the national symbol of Canada. It recognizes the diverse nature of the land and the people of Canada. The Canada sugar maple tree is a tree that when provided with that which it needs to flourish, it grows tall with good hardwood that year after year provides ones of natures natural food sources that has a unique Canada taste. Maple syrup is one of only two liquid natural sweeteners, honey is the other. The refined sap of the Canada sugar maple tree is a vital renewable resource that not only provides the best maple flavored products, but also provides wood for various products, home for birds, and shade for people in the hot Canada summer.  All levels of government everywhere in Canada should ban any pseudo –maple from the lands of all of Canada. Any invasive non-Canada sugar maple tree should be cut down and its remains either burned or if healthy, ground down to mulch for real maple trees, Acer saccharum, otherwise known as the Canada sugar maple. Furthermore all levels of government in Canada should change the name of any other maple tree to pseudo-maple, and use all means to get all foreign governments to recognize the uniqueness of the Canada sugar maple with all of its genetics is an inherit natural resource of the nation of Canada, then, now and as long as there is a Canada sugar maple growing upon the lands anywhere.

IF we can keep the natural life the way it is with everything that we and most everything that our ancestors saw, then our descendents too can enjoy the grandness of that which we name nature.


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