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Xmas Treehttps://www.smashwords.com/books/view/373622
Older than the christian religion is the celebration of the holidays and self evident Truths. Stonehenge, Gobekli tepe and other such very ancient sites and more prove this to be so. In fact most scholars say that the modern religions like christian and Islam and others took over those ancient celebrations of the holidays and “reformed” them for their religion when they ran amok for hundreds of years killing burning and looting those who disagreed with them. Hundreds of years ago, in his day, with the knowledge then available Thomas Paine showed how myth is not truth and at the best is a signpost that points towards the Truth. In his book Age of Reasoning, he showed that pretty well all of the religions of his day had no Truth whatsoever.
Today for example, although the ancient tales of Thor tell of things that are real, does this make the ancient tales of Thor the absolute truth? Of course not. IMO if Thomas Paine was alive today and able to view the evidence now available there is only one conclusion he would be able to come to  today concerning religion, and it would not be the one he came to hundreds of years ago


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