you are divided and conquered. too late for you, your offspring might have a chance.

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nov1 043Yes you, your divided and conquered, just like most. Media sensationalism that distracts has done it to you. Lamestream Fake Media divided your attention up into segmented departments, and by doing so conquered you. The social environment made it so your too busy working paycheck to paycheck  to really check into what is wrong today. So instead your probably squawking about some issue, as most do, instead of realizing what the problems are causing all the issues, the media use to divide and conquer all for Bankster bottom line profit.
As you wake up in your non natural house, filled with toxicity, look around. is that paint on the walls natural? is the carpet? is the fabric on the couch natural? how about that artificial light, no natural in those photons. If you live in a big city, how is the taste to that brown colored air that hovers over that city 24/7? and on and on, issue after issue, sensationalized on the media for a while until the new media sensationalism arrives to make you forget the woes and horrors caused by these two problems causing most of the issues today.
So when someone points out that the issue your ever so concerned with is just a symptom of the two problems causing most of the issues today, don’t listen! After all, you issue is ever so important, and the lamestream media has trained you to be a sockpuppet. yes, a sockpuppet, that only contributes to the problems by concentrating on an issue, instead of solving the problem causing the woeful issues, symptoms and horrors.
Do you support one of the status quo political parties, your a sockpuppet.
Driving a polluting gas guzzling vehicle? your a sockpuppet.
Concentrating on getting lots of likes for the latest media sensationalism your sharing? Your a sockpuppet.
Etc, etc, etc. Your a Sockpuppet.  Getting the point yet sockpuppet?
Yes, no hope for you sockpuppets, but there is for the next generation, if they are wisely taught.
IF the next generation or the one after it, is taught to care, to contribute to the solutions instead of the problems, to make positive choices in life, there is hope. As long as they are taught to be humans instead of sensationalism seeking sockpuppets like most are today, there will be positive change in this world for the better. Click this link for an E book to give to your next generation as a present, gift, or just because you think you care, this book talks about one of the two problems causing most of the issues today.


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