Look in the mirror: or are you sockpuppets?

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nov1 053Mayor Ford, Toronto voted him into office, he was a councilor for ……years, before he was Mayor, what does it say about the people of Toronto, that they voted him into office? Or Rahim Jaffer who was caught with cocaine in his car, he was voted in to office again and again and again. Or the PM of Canada with the Senate scandal,  pro rouging, contempt of parliament etc. Electing these people, what does it say about Toronto or Edmonton or indeed all of Canada, for these few example are just the latest of a staggering number of many such horrors?

It shows that the Mayor of Toronto is not the problem. Nor is the PM of Canada the problem, nor is the senate of Canada the problem.

No, to truly see the Problem, you need a mirror. Stare into a mirror for a while and then you will see the problem, its you and all the other people of Canada. We are the problem that is causing these issues. Just like me, you are Part of the problem. . . Get informed, educate yourself, watch who and what you are voting for, pay attention, its your job!
This E book in environmental friendly form, The Second Age of Reasoning: Scientific Theism can help you address one of the two problems causing most of the issues like those you see in the Media every day, and enable you to look in the mirror with a bit more dignity.



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