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Climate changed, political instability, global warmed, pollution, etc. It is not just local anymore, what happens across the world can effect you today, tomorrow and even next decade. What is True in Mexico city is also true in India. The Media, sockpuppet of planet wrecking for profit Banksters, now sensationalize, desensitize, and worse in the meager half attempt to make you forget that you have no representation, nor government that works in your interests. Sensational “news” to distract you from the two major problems causing most of the worlds woes today, by having you be concerned about symptoms caused by the two problems instead of talking about the two problems causing all the symptoms.

The Book, The Second Age of Reasoning: Scientific Theism, addresses one of these two problems. Available in environmental friendly E book format, The Second Age of Reasoning: Scientific Theism uses state of the art, top of the line information, facts and evidence in showing there is only one answer to one of these two problems. Click the link to visit the e store where you can purchase; The Second Age of Reasoning: Scientific Theism.


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