Remember the heros and victims of the undeclared war on Marijuana.

November 11, 2013 at 8:29 am | Posted in Math Stuff, Questions, Quotabull, Serve and Protect, Stuff for sale!, Uncategorized | Leave a comment the new book that instills morals and such so wars are no more.

green poppy of the victims of the "war on drugs" the Red poppy is great, and all it stands for, but; Millions worldwide. children torn from parents, parents, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, and more killed, locked up, tazered, and more such horrors from a war, undeclared. Marijuana, a benign plant with cancer healing qualities and more. Yet the PM of Canada has decided to step back 50 or more years, while the rest of the world embraces the truth that war is bad, with costs untold, and horror and woe the pay. Nation after nation decriminalizes, legalizes, and some even say children deserve the medicine that heals them.
The PM of Canada though, likes war, likes innocent children been victims of the battlefield, torn from family, raised in a broken foster care system, where they become more of a victim. The PM of Canada, likes, possibly loves war, likes the horrors, likes the blood of the battlefield, the unjustness of war. For it gives him photo ops.

One only needs to look at the horror and woe filled draconian legislation of discrimination  against the innocent Marijuana user, the PM of Canada has coming in next year to further the war, increase the victims, destroy more of the innocents. Plus all those new jails to torture more the innocent victims of an unjust war. Double life sentences with mandatory minimum sentencing so the judge has absolutely no discretion what so ever and is forced to go against all the judge believes in and is forced by crime against humanity legislation to give  a written reason why the maximum sentence was not beaten into the innocent, hauled by a war against Marijuana into a crime against humanity court and sentence.
I m supporting the GREEN POPPY of the heroic fighters for everyone’s freedoms, the unknown, the unsung, and the victims of  the marijuana war declared by the PM of Canada against the people of Canada, and other innocent people worldwide.
New book, buy it, read it, and tell others!




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