The earth is flat! With monsters at the edge!

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Edge monster

Edge monster

“Indeed, very flat, with monsters at the edge waiting to gobble gobble whatever washes over that edge! Flat, and of course everything revolves around the flat earth with monsters at the edge! For it is at the very precise center of the entire known Universe! Who cares what surveys shows! Who cares what airplane pilots say! Satellite photos, Pffft, phoney images made to fool flat earthers into believing the earth is not flat! It’s Flat!, no made up make believe phoney evidence will ever convince me it is not flat. I know the eath is flat because my opinion on such things says so! And no one can argue with that! That opinion, its got a very very flat circular rhetorical shape to it, an unbendable shape made of unbendabilium, the strongest element of from the table of Opinions ever made by anything anywhere! My Opinion is stronger than any mere and meager fact or evidence or proof or truth! Opinion rules over truth all the time! Conflicting truth is not conflicting truth, its hearsay of evil! Truth is only what my Opinion proves. ”

That is how some sound to those who are Scientific Theists. I know the Earth is almost Spherical in shape, you should too. It is not flat, literal mountain ranges of verifiable evidence proves it.
the Second Age of Reasoning: Scientific Theism, The Book, with the Truth on truth, the one you have been waiting for, looking for and searching for. It is here, you can purchase it in time for the holidays, and escape the flat Earther cults!


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