Crack, war, environment and more!

November 6, 2013 at 8:31 am | Posted in elections, Math Stuff, Questions, Quotabull, Serve and Protect, Stuff for sale! | 1 Comment
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Xmas Tree

In My Opinion it is not just In My Opinion anymore, look around, check into things, examine the evidence, the facts, the numbers etc, like I have. all those woes like Crack, Marijuana prohibition, environmental destruction, war, etc. All these and more are not the problem but only symptoms of the 2 main problems in this world today. these 2 problems are what is causing most of the woeful symptoms we see today.
the Truth found in this book addresses one of the 2 problems society needs to deal with and resolve. It is what you have been waiting for, its here, you can purchase it, in an environmentally friendly e book form!


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