PRESS RELEASE ! ! Dowling now author of very controversial book.

November 2, 2013 at 11:45 am | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, elections, Math Stuff, Questions, Quotabull, Serve and Protect, Stuff for sale!, Uncategorized, web site update | 1 Comment
Controversial, because it is. The book that shows that everyone and in fact everything actually have the same identical religion, due to the inherit nature of Truth! Read all about it in: The Second age of Reasoning: Scientific Theism.

Former columnist, Current city of Edmonton councilor Scott McKeen has stated that the authors writing is comparable to Hunter S. Thompson’s, creator of gonzo journalism, and many great literary reads, such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  Former Mayors of Edmonton  have congratulated Dave Dowling on speeches He has written and given, as have various candidates in elections where Dave Dowling was a Candidate, etc, etc.
Published on  smashwords  ebook site, the first E Book by Dave Dowling should soon be available to purchase at Major E book retailers.
Click the link above for more on this.




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