post election, what really needs to be done!

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In Edmonton,IMO it is the representative system of government ,that caused the issues, that made the people Candidates and 65%+ not vote. I can not congratulate the winners on winning as they did not really win anything with OVER 65% of the voters not voting.
govgonewild849759849_nI can though congratulate them on being a Candidate, WTG. And the same goes to all the candidates not sitting on their council after the election. Wtg, and as those elected are now part of the problem name the Representative system of government, which the elected will usually do nothing to change, as they now are in positions to benefit from keeping the status quo, we still need change. Which is why social, economic, environmental and other such problems caused by representative government will continue to worsen in Alberta, and indeed, Canada and beyond. Because the system causing the problems is still there. a change in council does not change the system, which is the problem.
Democracy, everyone voting on all legislation is the change to the system of representative government that is needed.
To all those candidates in this and past elections that are not elected. Instead of working for the status quo, the problem, the system of representative government, work for what is needed,  a change in the system, not a change in the leaders.
Democracy is that change. Democracy is everyone voting on all legislation, and here is a short description of it.
Non-elected Candidates, do not give up. Stop working for yourself, like the election (winners) did and will do. Instead, try working for the people, all of them including yourself. By working for what is needed, a change to the system to Democracy, where everyone votes on all legislation.
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