The 2013 Edmonton Election.

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Some will be disappointed, some shall dance with joy and the majority will probably not care one way or another. BUT, the entire system is broken, busted, beyond repair, a disease that is causing most of the problems today.  There is no Democracy. None, Democracy is everyone voting on all legislation and there is none of that in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and indeed the world. Representative systems are the problem causing most of the symptoms like no representation, environmental woes, social ills, economic disaster, and more. the electorial system that elects the representatives is a broken down ox cart with no wheels, no brakes, no equality, nor anything else that is great, excellent and needed in this world, in fact there is no ox, and the few tattered busted boards that remain of the cart is tumbling backwards downhill.
I can not partake in this years antiquated system as a Candidate, and shall not be on the ballot in the upcoming Edmonton civic election of 2013. Good luck to all the Candidates and I shall be voting for those that look to represent my interests in matters of government.

Make sure you vote. make sure you bring a bunch of people down to vote , when you vote. voting is the one of the few ways left.


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