Is Alison Reford helping Prime Minister pierre poutine of Canada’s war on the judges?

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Hon. Chief  Justice Scott must be rolling, cursing and screaming in his grave. Why you ask? Because of Prime minister Pierre Poutine of Canada and his war upon Justice, the law, the rule of law and Judges across the mighty nation of Alberta, a nation in a confederation of Nations named Canada. Yes indeed, Prime minister Pierre Poutine of Canada wants no rule of law, robo-judges with robo-law impementing Robo-spanking justice for all who dare have difference of morality, difference of opinion, or difference of anything deemed non-Prime minister Pierre Poutine of Canada.
In short, with his upturned nostrils and glare of totalitarian authority, he oozes disdain for all of Canada with; his laws, his actions,  his sneer for all.
prisons, omnibus crime bill and peeping Vic spy bill.
With jut these 3 things Prime minister Pierre Poutine of Canada’s has declared war on Judges. Premiers elsewhere have stood up and spoken loudly against such horrors perpetrated upon Judges. Premiers have even publicly stated they will use the opt out clause of the charter of rights and freedoms, to not support such fascist draconian horrors. One horror will overburden and tax the system of justice, another horror will strip away Judicial rights that have stood forever, since the dawn of courts, the third horror will   take away Judicial oversight of the whole chain of evidence, and reduce Judges to Robo-Judges. Robo-judges that have no discretion nor authority. Robo-Judges with no robes. Robo-judges that only whip and flail the skin off of Alberta and all of Canada for the fascist totalitarian dictating master, Prime minister Pierre Poutine of Canada creator of Robo-judges everywhere.
And Alison Redford, Alberta premier is ever so silent on this, perhaps because she, as a lawyer, also wants Robo-judges that question not, care not, with no authority nor any discretion  only Robo-judge?
All of Alberta and Canada are victims of this Prime minister Pierre Poutine of Canada.
I know so, because I am Dave Dowling and this is my Blog.


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