Alberta election wrap up!

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Facebook it, the pc’s lost lots of seats, Liberals lost only 2 mla’s, wildrose gained seats as did the NDP. Voter anger and angst was overcome by superior campaigning by the PC’s and Alberta’s first premieress Alison Redford. The first premieress of Alberta and the PC’s were luckily to hang on to governing status with the slim majority of seats they got with a bit more than 40% of the voting voters voting for them.
The last week of the campaign, I, Ken Kirk, Keith from Calgary and a few others spoke to a crowd of 10,000 to 15,000 people at the friday april 20th  420 rally at the legislative grounds in Edmonton on the importance of voting and it had results! Never doubt that the votes and efforts of many working together can shake the walls of government, effect the outcomes of elections and help increase the common good for all.
Saturday I was at the NDP rally and met Mr Mason, Olivia Chow, and a slew of other fine upstanding NDP Candidates and party members and supporters. Sunday, I released the best damn photo of the entire election here on my blog and on Facebook, then went down to the Earth day event at Ft. Edmonton Park, where there was all kinds of activities, entertainment, and people in support of the environment!
The provincial Evergreen political party had members there and Linda Duncan , Edmonton Strathcona MP was there, as was Ben Henderson, councilor of Edmonton, and a slew of other people. It was one of the better election events I saw. the Theme seamed to be you can help by doing so yourself, don’t rely on government, rely on yourself with your shopping choices, and informing yourself on the internet.
Monday the people voted, Tuesday I was at the Mayors state of the City Luncheon and the next day attended the Mayor of Edmonton’s Prayer breakfast where I talked with Raj Sherman, leader of the Liberal Party of Alberta, winner of an election where Dr. Sherman was elected to the legislative assembly of Alberta as a member to Represent the people in matters of government concerning legislative authority here in Alberta.
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