The Foreign controled Corporate Political Party of Alberta !! Winner of the april 23 alberta election!

April 18, 2012 at 8:50 am | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, elections, Questions, Quotabull, Serve and Protect, Stuff for sale! | Leave a comment

The political party that represents foreign owned multinational corporations, has been in power for 41 years in Alberta been a corporate whore, selling oil for almost less than nothing. And thanks to all those corporation donations, it looks like they will have another 41 years of power to gut Alberta. conwildrose or wildrosecon or wildrose/con or cons/wildrose, there is no difference. Both take donations from the same corporations. Both believe in lower oil royalty rates and lower corporate taxes, which means services cut or privatized or personal taxes raised or a combination of both.
After 41 years Alberta wants change, it looks like it isn’t going to happen, because the two-faced corporate party has fooled Alberta into thinking they are voting for something different, which isn’t happening, the glossy ads have fooled the brain washed until brain dead sheeple of Alberta. 
Albertans like controversy, and a government that bows to corporations putting profits before the people, so corporations can make more money.  its what they constantly vote for, election after election, just like they will do on april 23, like good little sheeple of the corporations that in the eyes of a sheeple can do no wrong.
Brain washed until brain dead sheeple, too tired from overworking from paycheck to paycheck, to put unhealthy genetic modified food on the table, suckle down the blaring loud, lying, deceiving, corporate political party media ads like its mothers milk.
Alberta election winners of the next 41 years,  the corporations!
Loosers is Albertans, all of them, fooled once more by money.



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