Alberta election, april 23, 2012. Make sure you VOTE !

April 17, 2012 at 2:11 pm | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, elections, Questions, Quotabull, Serve and Protect | 1 Comment

The final few days will be exciting! As all political parties looks for that tidbit, that media morsel, that tainted video to post on utube to scandalize the opposition and vault their candidate and party into political power!
After 41 years the right winged wildrose looked posed to form the next government according to the polls of the brain washed until brain dead sheeple that bleet how the media whip them to bleet, unless of course the 41 years of ruling with an oily fist right wing cons manage to dig some dirt up to scandalize the wildrose into dropping in the polls. Expect more mud, flung flinged, and thrown all over the media, as the two right wing parties spend all thier corporate donations like good corporate pupets are suppose to do. The NDP and Liberals have good platforms and excellent people if your really sick of 40 some plus years of right wingers wrecking the province. The company that gave you the highest electric bills ever has donated to both right wing parties. The companies that have given you the highest gas prices ever have donated to both right wing parties, the cons and wildrose. The companies that have the lowest in the world oil royalty rates have donated vast sums of money to the wildrose and cons. The companies that have given you the highest home heating bills ever have also donated to both right wing parties, the wild rose and 40 plus years of wrecking Alberta the cons. The companies that have given you the highest phone bills and highest cable bills have also probably donated to the right wing parties, both of them, the cons and wildrose. The companies that have given you the highest everything donate to right wong parties. Even some of the media have donated money to the right wing parties, the cons and wildrose. The companies that want to privatize everything have probably donated to the cons and wildrose, political parties of the right.
The NDP has returned such money. The Liberals and the NDP have actual platforms with some details! the Alberta party platform is a bit on the vague side and they are not running candidates in a majority of ridings.
If you believe that After 4 decades, the current right wing party in power isn’t privatizing schools and health care and everything else fast enough, vote for the even more right wing party who pretty well promise to do it faster, harder, and of course longer! Better yet, dont ever go to vote because if your one of the brain washed, brain dead sheeple thinking of voting for a right wing party after 41 years of them wrecking everything , your part of the problem. Or even better yet, you can get off knees, remove head from posterior, straighten back and
on april 23, 2012 vote for real change, which would be Liberal or NDP.
that is my position and I am sticking to it, for this is my blog and I am Dave Dowling!


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  1. Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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