Alberta political leaders debate winners and losers

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I called it because of course; ” I Have the Power!” of observation, and experience of elections past where I was a Candidate.
The Media won, probably millions upon millions of dollars for all those annoying ads that kept interrupting an important political debate. All that was missing was the ref., the 3 rope ring, and the mud. The media as I pointed out before it started asked mostly pointless questions in their partial attempt to sway the debate into some journalistic sensationalism, which they will probably sell tibbits of with lots of paid advertising, winning yet more! they even excluded a majority of the provincial party leaders from the debate!
the two right wing candidates came out grabbing each others hair, slapping each other, and of course trying to scratch out each others eyes, while once in a while trying a groin crushing kick towards the two left wing candidates  in a mud wrestling match not seen in Alberta, EVER! It was entertaining and even a wee bit informative.
The two right wing candidates lost. And wow, they lost big, Smith was second last. the Cons candidate lost, the triple tag team up did her in. she will need some federal help like, exceeding the spending limits, or lots of illegal robocalls directing people to Sask or BC to vote, or billions of illegal campaign contributions from schools, universities and municipalities to avoid been named Kim cambell the second! second last place was the wildrose Leader, like the looser who probably scared lots of people to the Liberals and NDP, but picked up lots of con votes by slapping the con candidate to the ground, again and again and again.
Brian Mason of the NDP came in a solid third place, sticking to script, and showing leadership at a time when it matters.
Raj Sherman of the Liberals was second with a very solid leadership performance, showing a mastery of knowledge of what he was talking about.
The winners of the Debate where the people who watched that mud wrestling mad that was muddy beyond belief, with the way the mud was flying all over. they must of been most excellently entertained, and even a tad informed!
april 23, make sure you Vote!


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