Alberta election April 23 , 2012

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Thomas Loose-a-knock, or whatever his name is the Education minister, lost the knock contest. the evidence supports Al Michalchuk, the victim of “whatever his name is” agressive campaigning. Al Michalchuk said he told him last election not to come back, had signs for another political party on his lawn, and has the right to tell anyone knocking at his door to leave the property NOW ! When told to do so, you do so, not stand and argue, and try to turn it into a two political party members beating one innocent senior down!
The Edmonton journal has some good election coverage
According to the polls, the current ruling party looks to be burning its way out of the political landscape with all the controversies of the last 41 years, and the fact that in 41 years all they have really done is given Alberta nightmares and horrors. The cost of doing anything in Alberta is the most expensive it has ever been ! highest electric bills, highest gas bills, highest health care bills, highest mortgage payments, highest gas prices ever, most expensive school fees ever, etc, etc! and on and on. doesnt privatization SUCK?
It looks as if the only way the current right wing party in power will stay in power is if they follow the past or their federal counterparts and either, miscount the votes in their favor, illegally exceed the campaign spending limits, or fraud the election with a bunch of illegal ROBOCALLS directing people to empty parking lots to vote, or drum up some new nefarious way to thwart the will of the people and skew the results of the people voting.
Elections Alberta has a nice list of political parties and canidates and other pertenent stuff on elections and voting. Click this link to go to there. Hopefully After April 23, Alberta gets a new government composed of all kinds of political parties, a minority would be great for all of Alberta.
April 23, get out and VOTE!



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