Alberta provincial election. 40 some years is long enough! get out and vote this election!

March 15, 2012 at 11:14 pm | Posted in Alberta, elections, Quotabull | Leave a comment

It really doesnt matter whether you support the ruling provincial party or not. they have had 40 long years, four decades to get it right and well, they have not. 40 years and health care is ruined, turned into hellth care. 4 decades and they still run deficits even with all the resource revenues. 40 years and education is more expensive than ever, as are government services, all of them. Look at the electric bill, from one fo the lowest 40 years ago to one of the highest today, same with the gas and water bill, and the mortgage payments. 40 long years they have had to get it right to make sure everyone on the province was getting an oil royalty check every month, or paid to go to school, instead its 40 years of controversy. controversy, from their paychecks to their pensions to well, almost all they do now.
four long decades is four decades to many, it is time for a change in Alberta, and there is competent people in excellent political parties waiting for that change that should happen, no mater who you have been supporting, its time to support someone new.
This election vote for any one but the ruling party. In forty long years, that’s all they have learned to do, rule.


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