The Canada political Oscars!

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Best picture: Harper government for the fictional story of representing the people which the are not, they only represent themselves.
Best actress: Stockwell Day, for getting married again, as he was already the prime actors bitch.
Best Actor; the Prime Actor of Canada. for lying and denying he has anything to do with election-fraud-robocall-gate  even though he was a customer of racknine and his roll in best     picture.
Best supporting actress: Alison Redford for claiming to “represent” the people of Alberta and not speaking out against the crime bill, and more!
Best supporting Actor: John “horseface” Baird for his one line roll of ” its the liberals fault” again and again and again.

Unfortuantly this is Canada not a movie and Yep, you can not trust this fraudulent government, its illegal from what I have seen of fraud-election-robocall-gate.  which is why you should write:

To the governor general of Canada; Parliament has lost the confidence of the people, and the illegal government should be dissolved, charged with their crimes, and a new election held, where no election laws are violated.
Phone 613-993-8200
Toll-free (Canada and the U.S.) 1-800-465-6890
Fax 613-998-8760
… Government Directory
Mail Rideau Hall,
1 Sussex Drive
Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A1


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