HArper must be brain damaged. I bet he ripped the left side out by himself so he’s all righty.

November 26, 2011 at 12:46 am | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, elections, Questions, Quotabull, Serve and Protect, Stuff for sale! | 3 Comments

In the CONspeak DICtionary of the brain damaged HArper, the word left is not found, instead it has been replaced with almost righty.  It could be that he is a whore of Satan or worse! HArpers fascist, for profit prison omnibus crime bill which will turn all Canadians into terrorists, has been refuted by parliament, and almost 200,000 experts, experts with university degrees, and experts on police forces, and experts in policies that actually work, even experts from other countries. His brain damage is shown by the parroting in a whiney nasal tone of: “We do it for the victims!” or some such sicko fascist brain damaged repetitive line.
He can not answer any questions, due to brain damage, and has media only ask him pre arranged questions, probably because of brain damage done to himself when he ripped out the left side of his brain, so he can honestly say I always think righty, like a good fascist out to promote fascism always does. 
The CONs in parliament can not answer questions, for like good little fascist swine, they do just as the first Fascist of the CONS tells them to do or say. Those little party fascist swine in his fascist political party can not stand up by themselves and say what they want. Brain damaged demonboy HArper does not just spit upon democracy and all the good it stands for, but drools all over it, second, after minute, after hour, after day, after year, after decade. Hoping his ill stained evil drool will destroy democracy forevermore. Like the lying fascists of old, demonboy HArper the brain damaged one, lies like the rest of the fascists, again and again and again and again, from coast to coast to coast. He taxes the people for the banks, lets industry destroy the environment of Canada for greed.
He builds so many prisons , Canada is going in debt for the prisons that will only be used to lock up people that disagree with him on issues like children in school, how parenting is to be done, how fascism is wrong and evil and herbs that he mistakenly calls a drug, due to his brain damaged evil state of being. Brain damaged demon boy, looks like he pays media shrills to squawk his rhetoric on facebook, the internet, in the media and even in written material dropped  in mailboxes on the taxpayers dollars. ever had the flu where its spewing out from both ends into the toilet? That’s what Canada will look like once demonboy Harper the first fascist is done wrecking Canada for corporate greed.
HArper the dictator vice president of Canada. He values the opinionated invisible cuckoo bird on his righty shoulder opinions, more than the testimony of 1,000,000 experts with university degrees!” you could probably lock up brain damaged demonboy HARper with ten million experts on crime and how to solve it for 100 years, and he would learn nothing. For no matter what those experts said to him or showed him, he would always turn to his righty shoulder, look upon the invisible cuckoo bird and values it fascist circular rhetorical opinions above all others, even Gods.

the only thing HArper gets on his knees for is SATAN!

I know so, because I am Dave Dowling and this is my blog!
HArper, 1 clean the ears so you can hear the over 60% that did NOT vote for you.
HArper, 2, less than 40% voted for you, in a Democracy, you must listen to the over 60% that did not vote for you!
HArper, 3, scrap the fascist crime bill, listen to the experts, repeal Marijuana Prohibition, add the amendments Quebec wants.
HArper, 4, Stop building the prisons, there is no need for them, spend the money on social services or health care instead.
HArper, 5, work on making the country more Democratic, tax corporations more, lower personal income taxes.
HArper, 6 read some stuff from the left, which has great ideas on making a country better and improving the standard of living for the majority!





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  2. “gggew” almost looks like a word mr or miss cdmcwgxvk! Hard to tell if its mr or miss with a name like that!

  3. Hello!, I have gone ahead and bookmarked your page on Facebook so my friends can see it too. I just used your blog title as the title in my bookmark, as I figured if it is good enough for you to title your blog post that, then you probably would like t…

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