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Internet spying on everyone, listening in on all phone calls and electronic communication, spying street lamps, spy cameras all over the streets, listening only to the richest 1000 or so people, taxes, taxes and more taxes on people and not on corporations, and now the various occupy overkill brutalities done to innocent people in support of park bylaws. tens of thousands of baton beatings, tons of pepper spray, tens of thousands arrested, people’s property taken, cameras smashed, faces smashed, Peoples heads beaten. Rigged voting machines, locking up medical marijuana people, deny medical marijuana people transplants,  highest incarceration rates in the known world, unemployment at record levels, unequal distribution of wealth, power to issue warrants given to corporations in the name of copyright protection, internet censorship, trillions spent on military every year, holding people indefinitely in jail, one billion needed to stand for president, 15 trillion or so in debt, falling value of the dollar, falling value of real estate, purchasing power of minimum wage at the lowest point every in history, a poisoned environment, global warming, high and rising higher fuel costs, food costs, and shelter costs, and whatever other horrors and savage barbarianism I have not mentioned shows the only logical conclusion is: THE U.S. GOVERNMENT HAS DECLARED WAR ON AMERICANS! click this link if you do not believe me, as some will.


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