The Canada revolution

October 31, 2011 at 10:16 pm | Posted in Questions, Quotabull, Serve and Protect | Leave a comment

The Canada revolution picked up a fair bit of momentum this fall as the various occupy protests sprang up all over the country like maple tree saplings in spring. growing strong, tall and reaching for things like economic equality, tax fairness and one of my favorite Democracy. Democracy is all voting on all legislation over a free cell phone provided by the government. A free cell phone for every Canadaian would be far far cheaper than the bank bailouts or the Afghanistan war costs. It would be cheaper than the 34 $ Billion spent on the navy upgrades that do nothing to protect our longest border.
UNfortuantly the dictators, the totalitarians, the right winged nutbars like president evil of Syria do not listen to people. No, they only listen to the richest one percent wrecking the planet in the name of greed to stuff their thief pockets will ill gotten gain from the people, the 99 poorcent.

As the occupy movement in Canada is peaceful, the occupy movement will accomplish next to nothing or less than nothing. Less than nothing will be the outlawing of demonstrations like the occupy demonstrations across the country.

The popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya for things like Democracy, freedoms and rights were not peaceful, yet they actually had change for the better in those countries once the bleeding and dying was done.


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