ASSad the evilist totalitarian dictator of Syria.

October 28, 2011 at 5:43 pm | Posted in Questions, Quotabull, Serve and Protect | 1 Comment

ASSad I believe the first 3 letters of this despots name says it all. This blood sucking corpse eating vampiric demonized piece of trash of Syria killed more innocents in the name of Satan today for his meals. Click the picture on the left, to see the human blood dripping down his chin. he chopped off almost 100 arms of innocents for his breakfasts for next week. ASSad  the evil one showed the entire world he would spit on Mohammed, rip out the messengers eyes, and burn the 5 pillars of Islam, which he has shown he is not a follower of. rumermongering has it he is ready to invade Mecca and burn it to the ground so no one can ever pilgrim there again for hajj. the only thing this despot gives away in an act of  charity…. is bullets.
ASSad with blood dripping from his lips is rumormilled in the month of Ramadan to eat the brains of innocents during daytime , while laughing in an insane tone that there is many upon many gods, and that Allah is just a figment of people’s imagination.
It is said his favorite book is the Satanic bible and that he uses the Koran for paper to wipe his “always dirty no matter how much he wipes” rear end.
ASSad’s actions show he  is not reaching up for paradice. ASSad is instead stooping for pointy horns and a pointy tail, so he can scream forevermore in eternal torment and damnation in a firey dark hole.


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  1. Very good post, cheers.

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