Plank constant(s)

October 27, 2011 at 11:25 am | Posted in Math Stuff, Quotabull, Serve and Protect | 1 Comment

indeed, planks constant (h) = quanta energy divided by quanta frequency h=Q_e/Q_f this is the formual that Max Plank discovered.
I am not sure if Plank discovered these following  which I name plank constants.

plank volume(h_v)= Quanta volume divided by quanta frequency h_v=Q_v/Q_f

Plank radius (h_r)=cube root of: Quanta radius cubed divided by quanta frequency h_r=(Q_r^3/Q_f)^(1/3) click here for more on this.

Plank diameter(h_d)= two times plank radius h_d=2*h_r

plank density(h_d)= plank constant divided by plank volume h_d=h/h_v


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