Democracy is better than anything!

October 21, 2011 at 9:44 pm | Posted in elections, Questions, Quotabull | Leave a comment

Now, Democracy can be implemented. It would be very easy and cost effective. We all ready elect the representatives by paper ballot, which is the way that should be. Democracy is more and far better than that. Democracy has no representatives, Democracy is you representing yourself, which is the way it should be. Democracy can be done over a government cell phone system, where the government owns the cell phone systems. Governments could very easily nationalize one or two cell phone networks and give everyone a free cell phone. To do so would be far cheaper than what it cost in billions of dollars to bail out the banks and financial systems. A cell phone network is only a few billion. same with a free cell phone for every voter. The cost would only be mere billions, and a few millions every year for maintaince and upkeep.
All legislation could then be voted on Nationally by everyone, thats the change I propose. Unlimited surfing texting and talking, if you do all your voting. To encourage people to vote the government could create a voting credit of $100 per year. Do all of your voting and you would get $100 check from the government for voting and to redistribute some of the wealth. I f you only do 90 percent of your voting then you only get 90% of that check down to where if you do no voting you get no check, and maybe even a phone bill!
Democracy enable the people to be in control of government. Democracy also would enable a complete open government, where there is no secrets hidden from anyone. democracy is the cure for the problems that we have. Democracy would enable the people to be the government that governs themselves as people should.
The only opinion against Democracy is the Rule of the mob, which is not a valid arguement against it as it is just Opinion. with the technology and laws we have it can be insured that there is no Rule of a frenzied mob. Legislation could be first tested in courts to make sure its lawelful. Most would rather have the tyranny of the mob rather than the tyranny of the few out to wreck everything for their own greed. A lot of governments “claim” to be a “democracy” , but are in fact just representative corportism, when the wealthied few have representation and the rest do not, and do not vote on legislation, just the representatives.these Nations claim to be democratic because they know it is a good thing. it is UNfortuantly that they are not. Democracy is the way that the government representatives are controled by the people after and during and before the election to see who that representative is.
Democracy is the only thing that puts control of the government back in the hand sof the people where it tgruely belongs.

Today I have left the typos, typoos, and grammer mistake there to see if you can only whine about whats wrong, or get the message about how to make it right, because;

I am Dave Dowling and this is my Blog! well thanks to wordpress and the fine people there it is!


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