President Evil of Syria kills more today

October 19, 2011 at 5:36 pm | Posted in elections, Questions, Quotabull, Serve and Protect | Leave a comment

President Evil of Syria is trying to change his name to the Most evilist President of Syria, with the killing of more people today. President Evil of Syria, with his bare hands squeezed the blood from 17 people into the skin of a pig for his morning drink and bath.
He squeezed out every last drop of blood that he could and afterwards, once the corpses were squeezed dry, licked his red hands clean, savoring every drip licked up with his triple forked tounge.

Showing complete distain for Mohammed, the religion of Islam and anything in the Koran or bible and people everywhere, President Evil of Syria is rumored to be working on a blood powered automobile! Rumored to get 10 km per pint of red martyred blood.
President Evil of Syria also announced that; Yes it is true that he and Omar bloodbath Kadafi of Lybia do indeed wash each others backs, while bathing together in a tub full of blood of innocents.

It is also rumormongered that President Evil of Syria likes to finger paint images of Mohammed with the blood of innocents.
President Evil of Syria, another totalitarian dictator out to paint the entire world red, because he dosent want to give up the power of been able to bathe in the blood of innocents that only want democracy, freedom and a thing named rights.

The Canada government should start bombing this President Evil, declare war on president evil, freeze their assests, deal only with the syrian national council, and stop sitting on its arse doing less than nothing. Less than nothing  importing oil from Syria, and dining with its ambassador.
Hopefully they are not dining on solant green…….



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