People wanting equality is Democracy, not class warfare like rich elitists are threatening world with…..

October 11, 2011 at 9:15 am | Posted in Questions, Quotabull | 1 Comment

So much of brown smelly stuff in the media, in the governments eyes, your a white crane!
beat the rush! thats Righty 1 Get on knees. 2 Tilt head back 3 Open mouth and wait.

# of governments with democracy which empowers the people=0 (zero, zip, none)
# of governments with some form of totalitarian dictatorship= About 200 (all of them)



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  1. The ubiquitous class structure labels (lower, middle, upper) are losing their usefulness (especially considering the incredible shrinking middle class) for helping us understand our economic differences and conflicts. I suggest we try these class categories: Dependent, Working, Rich, Crazy Rich. Right now the Crazy Rich are causing a lot of damage to our economy. I explain further at

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