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It was Max Plank,  1858 -1947 who first found planks constant. Max found that when the energy of an electron was divided by its frequency, a constant was derived. E/f=h .
Probably due to the rudimentary state of physics back then, Plank may of not made the next logical step to what I would name planks second constant.

Which is the volume of the quanta divided by the frequency of the quanta. This is very similar to the E/f=h formula for planks constant. V/f=h2

Volume for an electron is spherical, and the volume of a sphere is equal to 4/3*pi* r^3 so planks second constant formula would be:

(4/3*pi*r^3)/f=h2 now if one assumes( because of euler ) that h2, planks second constant is also a spherical volume then this formula becomes:

(4/3*pi*r^3)/f=(4/3*pi*h2r^3) where h2r is the radius of the volume of planks second constant.
Now if the formula (4/3*pi*r^3)/f=(4/3*pi*h2r^3) is rearranged and simplified, and solved for h2r then the following happens:

(4/3*pi*r^3)/f/(4/3*pi*)=h2r^3 the pi cancel each other out as do the 4/3’s and what is left is the simple but elegant:
And therefore H2r= (r^3/f)^(1/3)

No pi’s no c’s no G’s and no E’s. Only and just the cube root of: a radius cubed divided by its frequency!

r­_0= cube root of (electron radius cubed divided by the electron frequency)

Classic Electron radius = 2.817940289458 x 10^-15 m
Classic electron frequency=1.2355744 × 10^20 hertz

zero radius=((2.817940289458 * 10^-15 m)^3/(1.2355744* 10^20 hertz))^(1/3)
(((2.817940289458 * (10^(-15)))^3) / (1.2355744 * (10^20)))^(1 / 3) = 5.65772915 × 10^-22 meters

volume =(4 / 3) * pi * ((5.65772915 * (10^(-22)))^3) = 7.58603894 × 10^-64 meters cubed.



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