The Nanny State of Canada!

September 30, 2011 at 9:42 am | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, Questions | Leave a comment

How, how will the in debt provinces pay the billions upon billions every year for the harper crime bill which turns all Canadians into terrorists? How? More Taxes? Or More Debt? Or services Cut? How?

I only ask for it look as if Canada has died. For millenium People had rights and freedoms and almost had democracy. Now though there is the Nanny state of Canada and elsewhere. Most if not all of the nations on Earth have a nanny state system of Government. it looks as if soon everyone will have at least two nannies beside them at all times ready to escort them to a dreadcation at the new and improved crowbar hotels as soon as they offend the nanny state nannies with uppity calls for Democracy, Freedom, and rights, which are non-existant in the nanny state, and are only used in nanny state commercials as slogans to make you think you have such things as democracy, freedom and rights.
 The nanny state listens in on all your communications, better than Stalin ever did. Nanny state Canada also through the bought and paid for media tells you what to think better than Mao could of ever dreamed of doing. Like North Korea, the nanny state Canada has lots of laws to make sure your a terrorist if you ever get a backbone and try and change things for the better, which is to a non-nanny world, where people actually have Democracy , Freedom and That thing named rights.

Technology makes it easier for the Canada  nannies( ELECTED ONES, GOVERNMENT BEUROCRATES RCMP, PROVINCIAL POLICE, CITY POLICE,  CISA, COURT BALIFFS, COURT PROBATION OFFICERS, BAIL OFFICERS, PARK WARDENS,  PEACE OFFICERS, TRANSIT SECURITY, ARMY, SECURITY, DEA, FBI, AND OTHER FOREIGN AGENTS AND OTHERS NOT LISTED HERE) of the nanny state to stalk you all over. with cell phones, satillite cameras, traffic cameras, photo-radar cameras, red light cameras, undercovers, etc. The nannies can track you 28 hours a day even if you do not want them doing so. It no longer matters if you are innocent, all it take is you looking at one the wrong way when the nanny is off duty in the mall where you are. yep, thats it, thats all that makes you a terrorist in the nanny state nannies eyeballs. After that your lucky to be alive.
Why is there a nanny state with more nannies and more jails, and more laws to lock you and your family up? Because you voted and did not vote for it thats why. Which is why taxes are going up. You were too busy working payckech to paycheck to check out who you were really voting for. Or you became so apethetic to it all you did not vote. either way, you made sure the nanny state is here. You voted for it. You voted for the nannies to watch you until you look the wrong way while driving, then its charged under the distracted driver law by the at least two nannies. Which is one of the many reasons why the Canada Revolution is gaining ground and growing  like a Maple tree in Spring. the Canada revolution is about what all revolutions are about. More democracy, More freedoms and more rights and less nannies and less nannyism which looks to be more like state communisim like stalinism was.


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