Saint Harper the Saviour of Canada !

May 25, 2011 at 8:40 pm | Posted in Quotabull, Serve and Protect | Leave a comment

He is your leader, he is your prime minister, he is Saint Harper the divine saviour of Canada. With his majority mandate, Saint Harper will now be able to save Canada with his legislation that was denied by the minority government. Yes those devil worshiping liberals, NDP, greens, and bloc were just out to ruin Canada and make it into a smoking ruin of a land incapable of supporting any life whatsoever from coast to coast to coast.
But now Canada has Saint Harper, leader of the majority government that will now be able to save Canada because it has a majority!
There will probably be more for the corporations which is a good thing for Canada. Just ask Saint Harper saviour of Canada if you do not believe me, as some do. Thanks to Saint Harper the saviour of Canada, Canada will now be able to defend itself by going billions into debt to buy last millennium fighter jets. who cares if they have engines, Saint Harper the savior of Canada will probably be able to make they fly circles around the enemies by his Saintly divine powers. He may have to only stare at them with his Saintly eyes to make they fly.
It does not take a pope to make a saint, and it takes is the actions of the Saint, all the pope does is confirm that the saint is indeed a real saint. And Action is what Saint Harper the saviour of Canada has in the plans; Action.
Saint Harper will save Canada and all that Canada stands for. He will because Saint Harper the saviour of Canada is a Saint! DO not question how many billions are spent bombing other nations into the dust of hell, for Saint Harper is a Saint, out to defend Canada with his saintly powers. In fact, you should not question anything Saint Harper does for the glory and goodness of Canada for he is your prime minister, your leader in the world, your glorified Saint!
If anything, you should be on your knees groveling and bowing and scraping the ground as you pray for the chance to just touch the hem of Saint Harper the saviour of Canada’s saintly suit.


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