Canada win never be a leader because it keeps electing loosers

May 9, 2011 at 11:35 am | Posted in elections, Questions, Quotabull | Leave a comment

Canada could of been a leader, looking like a squirrel knee deep in a pile of food, we could of had it so good. But instead, Over 50% did not vote for the government Canada has, in fact over 60% of the people did not vote for the government Canada has. Only 39% voted for the government Canada has. Canada elected a looser who could not get over 50% of the vote.
The cons 39% if translated into 39% of the seats in the house of commons would have had only 122 seats instead of the majority they now have due to an archaic millenium old system of tyranny.
When Canada keeps electing looser political parties that can not even get 50% +1 of the vote Canada gets things like prorogue of parliament, forged documents, contempt for parliament and ever so much more!
a 50 Billion dollar investment in solar panels  would have made Canada a leader in the world! Instead it is 50 billions for jets that will only make Canada a murderer of a nation. Canada could have been a world leader with an investment of Billions upon Billions into windmills to enviro-friendly power the nation. But  instead it is Billions for  jails which will not make us a leader of anything. Canada could of put Billions upon billions into having a hydrogen economy making it a leader of the world in enviro-friendly technology. Instead it is Billions of dollars for corporate tax breaks! those Corporate tax breaks will not make the economy or Canada anymore enviro-friendly.
Canada could of been a leader in a vast array of important enviro-friendly fields that would of employed millions of people of Canada and made Canada the enviro-friendly Capital of the world!
Instead we have a bunch of cons in government dragging our reputation down into the mud with expensive planes, corporate tax break trains and automobiles hauling those who disagree off to jail.

Welcome to CONada, land of the pillaged.


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