Edmonton Chamber of Commerce “Growth by Diversification Breakfast”

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The growth by diversification breakfast by the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce was held at the hotel with the famous clock in front of it, the westin hotel. The breakfast was excellent food, with the usual breakfast menu of scrambled eggs, potatoes and stuffed tomatoes and a side of ham. the coffee was strong, and the orange juice was cold as it should be. The guest speakers were the honourable Frank McKenna and the Honourable Peter Lougheed.
Frank McKenna and Peter Lougheed talked about diversification in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and a few other places like Norway which has diversified very well according to Frank McKenna and Peter Lougheed.

I was surprised that with all the farmers in Alberta, and Canada that diversification by investing in the hemp industry was not mentioned. the TD bank which helped host the Breakfast would stand to make vast sums of money loaning money to corporations to build factories to manufacture toilet paper from hemp. just the one product of toilet paper would bring billions upon billions to the farmers of Alberta, the corporations of Canada and everyone else that would stand to profit from such bold diversification.
Been from Alberta I was absolutely flabbergasted how the former premier of Alberta, the honourable Peter Lougheed did not mention how the rural areas of Alberta and the Farm owners of Alberta would benefit from growing hemp for the international toilet paper market.
the International toilet paper market is currently chopping down at least a forest a day so people all over can wipe it clean. Most people world wide would love to wipe it clean with nice soft biodegradable toilet paper manufactured from hemp rather than trees. Tree toilet paper can have large slivers in it, unlike smooth as silk hemp toilet paper.
Yes, it looks as if Growth by Diversification is going to leave the rural Alberta farmer out in the cold, eating dirt, starving so the bank loans can be paid, working full time in the city to pay the tax man. Hemp grows great in Alberta, the Alberta government knew this way way back in the dinosaur age in the 1930’s!
Yet the rural Alberta farmer is still not allowed to prosper in the Growth by diversification that is happening in all the other industries in Alberta and the rest of Canada. Alberta needs more than one product to export. Hemp toilet paper would make it that Alberta had two products to export to the world markets. Hemp toilet paper would easily put the tree made toilet paper out of business as hemp is a cool product world wide and enviro-friendly.
Alberta farmers could be making billions growing hemp for toilet paper. And that is just one of thousands of products that can be made from hemp! Farmers could be making money, Banks could be making money, industry could be making money, the workers could be making money, investors could be making money and Alberta could be employing so many people we would have to import the workers of 2 to 5 countries! That is the growth by diversification, that so many were talking about today! 

Another image of the last good premier Alberta had.
The honourable Peter Lougheed.

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