Canada election results are a prime example of why democracy is needed.

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 has the statistics. If Canada had full proportional representation, the seat distribution would be according to the percentage of the vote. with 39.62% of the vote the winning cons would have 122 seats. and the totals would look like something like this;
cons 122, NDP 94, Lib 59, Bloc 19, Green 12, Other 2
Which is far different than what we have. Canada now has a totalitarian dictator ready to fill jails with innocents for the greed of photo ops, or what is usually called a Majority for four long years.
Democracy would make it even far different, with democracy it would not matter what form of election was used to pick the representatives. Either first past the post or proportional, those representatives in a democratic system would have to put all questions voted upon to the people to vote. when the people, all of them vote on all the legislation, then the representatives have to ask the people. which is the way it should be in a democracy or any Nation claiming to be a democracy.
Representative government is far different than Democracy. In Representative government, like Canada has, it is only every 1/4 generation or so that you get to vote. And then that vote is only for your representative and it is not a vote on legislation. In fact in a government like Canada has, you very rarely if ever get to vote on legislation. In a Democracy you vote on all legislation.
Democracy lets the people be in control of government, by having the people vote on all the legislation. In a representative government like Canada has the government only has to care for the length of the election and a week or two before and after the election. After that they almost do what ever they want. A Democracy is far superior to Representative government. Democracy makes it so the people have a say on all legislation, including what the representatives are paid.
Hence the fear of Democracy by some, and their fear mongering against it.
Democracy is what is needed in Canada and the rest of the world. In Canada Democracy could be implemented over a cell phone system owned by the government. Canada could have free unlimited everything on a free cell phone where its all free as long as you do all your voting. Buying or setting up or nationalizing such a system would be far cheaper than 65 obsolete aircraft.
such a system should never be allowed to be shut down by anyone for anything. In a Democracy where the voting is done on your free government cell phone, the system pays for its self just in savings to Canada alone. a free phone is billions upon billions saved every year by Canada not have to pay all those phone bills. Money that could be better spent elsewhere by Canada, like on making the house more enviro-friendly.
Democracy, Canada could have it, Canada can implement it, Canada could be a leader of Democracy, Canada could do this and more with democracy.

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