The trial of Osama bin Laden !

May 4, 2011 at 9:53 am | Posted in Questions, Quotabull, Serve and Protect | Leave a comment

The trial of Osama bin Laden was over quick. The judge, jury and executioner were all there and it was all over in 40 minutes. the trial started late at night with a secret prosecutor and secret location that was not revealed until it was all over.
And when it was all over, mass murderer Osama bin Laden was dead, dead, dead.
I suppose it could be called revenge. Osama bin Laden had no weapon and probably resisted by saying something like, “you troops are in this country illegally.” BANG, BANG, dead.
Is Canada a much safer place now? No, there is a conservative majority in Canada now.
Is America a safer place now? I doubt it, America still has a rather high murder rate, assault rate, and one of the largest prison populations on the planet.
Canada would have been safer if the government put more into schools, hospitals and feeding the poor. Increased quality of life is what makes a country safer.
Secret trials where the judge jury and executioner are all the same people make a country into a totalitarian dictatorship where the rule of law is who has the most armaments.
Stun grenades, tazers, billy clubs, martial arts training, they could have easily captured Osama bin Laden for a trial of the millennium, but it looks like it was decided that 20 cents of fast moving lead was more economic feasible than a costly and lengthy trial by jury or judge.

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