Sasquatch riding Ogopogo image easier to get than the con leader telling the truth!

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I have managed to capture an image of a Squirrel feasting in the wild, and I do believe it would be far far easier to get a one hour video of Sasquatch riding Ogopogo to the front lines to save the environment than the truth from the leader of the cons on the cost of the jets, jails or tax breaks for corporations! Pro-rouge, forged documents, the g8 beating of Peoples rights and freedoms, facebook profiling and contempt.
And that contempt is not just there for parliament, or the media people, its overflowing for Alberta. Alberta was not even visited by the contempt filled one. Visiting Alberta would involve going to the tar sands or campaigning in Calgary or shaking hands with people on the streets in Edmonton or even kissing Babies in Red Deer Medicine hat or Grande prairie!
Nope, instead of Campaigning in Alberta, the contempt filled cons leader has stabbed Alberta in the back, with no Campaigning whatsoever in Alberta. now that is a prime Alberta beef example of contempt for Alberta that no other political party leader showed for Alberta.
In fact the Liberal leader was here in Alberta, the Green party leader was here in Alberta and the NDP leader, Jack Layton was in Alberta twice! Jack Layton showed up in the capital of Alberta Twice! Jack Layton was in Edmonton shaking hands with people, talking with people, listening to people, twice!
Jack Layton was even talking about how to make the tar sands oil extraction more green and enviro-friendly! Jack Layton was talking about E.I. health care, seniors and a slew of other important to everyone in Canada issues. The contempt filled con leader only showed Contempt for Alberta the whole campaign. He never has given the cost of the gliders, oops, I mean jets if they get engines in them. No costs on the prisons and crime bills, no costs on the corporate tax breaks and nothing at all on how he would pay for it all, nothing.
And Nothing is what the contempt filled cons leader gave to Alberta this campaign.
you can reward him and his party for that on Monday at the polling station when you vote.

I am Dave Dowling and this is my blog!


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