It is the last weekend of April 2011 LAST WEEKEND OF THE ELECTION!

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It is the last weekend of April 2011 here in the real world. And those media people will have the high priced, high tech antenna broadcasting trucks out looking for those last minute media scoops of the Canada Revolution during the election of 2011 in Canada for the federal representatives. Members of Parliament that will be known after Monday 8 PM pacific Vancouver time. You have to watch out for those Media people, most are overworked and underpaid, and half starved from on the road junk food as they hunt like a pro hunter looking for Sasquatch, nessy or any other rare monster that will put that sound bit, image or smoking carcass on the front page, prime time radio or TV or viral twitter message.
indeed, those media do so for money, not fame nor fortune, and in a way they do it all for you.
If not for the various media, all you would have to rely on is the web, which some argue would be a good thing and in person visits which are rare.
On the internet you can find the information yourself unbiased by any but the candidate and the party, with no information loss by the exchange of it through the partial media people. and though they try not to be, they are partial and not impartial for who could be impartial when the election is happening during the Canada Revolution?
So they try and usually try their best to give you the best commercials between the sound bite and image bytes. usually 5 minutes of commercials and then almost 5 minutes of programming!
And yet no Candidate or political parties even mentioned this during this election. Not one offered a solution to all the toxic commercials blaring louder than the program for 5 solid minutes. I’ve timed them and its 5 minutes of commercials then 5 minutes of program. 1/2 of the time given to corporations to scream into your room and assault your eardrums with toxic repetitive phrases.
Canada needs more Canada, not more foreign corporations screaming in our houses to be more non-Canada.
Seeing how the Canada Revolution will still be happening after May 2, maybe we should instead be voting on how much commercial time should be allowed during the hour of programing?

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