Jack Layton visits Edmonton TWICE !! And a bit on the Canada Revolution.

April 27, 2011 at 10:01 pm | Posted in Alberta, edmonton, elections, Questions, Quotabull | 1 Comment

The NDP had the best turnout and election rally in Edmonton at Ft Edmonton Park! Mr Layton had a BBQ with FREE hot dogs, FREE burgers, FREE beverages, and your facebook profile was not even checked! And the BBQ food was excellent indeed. It had a hint of something new, something brave, something bold in it, with a tasty good for Alberta flavor.
Mr Layton was excellent down on the floor with the people, talking with them, instead of standing on a stage preaching down to them about doom and gloom and the end of the earth if they do not vote for the party.
Mr Layton of the NDP so far is the only political party leader to visit Edmonton twice on the campaign trail. Something the contempt filled leader of the cons has never done in an election, and so far not in this election. In fact most of the time those political party leader just avoid Edmonton and stay mostly in Ontario and Quebec where all the votes are.
Mr Layton and the NDP have run an excellent campaign during the whole election and have worked hard to be your representatives.
Alberta and in fact Canada can do better, and it looks like the better is campaigning to be your elected representative in Ottawa.
Monday May 2 is coming, and thats the last chance to vote and partake in the Canada Revolution during this election.The Canada Revolution is demanding the usual stuff; Democracy, rights and freedoms, protection of the environment and a more enviro-friendly economy. which is why the Canada Revolution will still be happening after May 2 2011.

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