Spring is in the air!

April 24, 2011 at 6:35 pm | Posted in edmonton, Questions, Quotabull | Leave a comment

There is wildlife in the city of Edmonton in winter, the bird on the bush in this image is proof! And it looks like the winter is finally coming to an end in Edmonton this last week of April, 2011. Now the toxic dust clouds from all the sand and gravel left on the streets from winter are billowing up the nostrils of people and into their lungs. The toxic dust clouds stir up every time a slight breeze blows amongst the piles of toxic sludge on every street. some say the dust clouds actually give people their minerals and some vitamins that the body needs, but my argument is those types of minerals only cause health problems like Asthma and cancer…
Of course having no proof, nor studies all I can really rely on here is my opinion which is good enough for me!
That sand and gravel next to the curb along every street is not the right color of something good for the body. In fact it seems to have a color of something bad and horrid for the body. The City knows the stuff is there from decades of dealing with winter road conditions. The city should have equipment out there cleaning the stuff off the streets before its a health hazard, not after it has become one. Doing so would increase the quality of life, not lower it as breathing that toxic stuff into the body must do.
Do any governments care after the election? Or do they only care during the election and those couple of weeks just before the election? If they really did care, that stuff would of been off the streets before I blogged about it and not after the blog posting pointing out the health hazards of governments that do not really care.
where is the outcry? Where is the hundreds of millions to do what is right, clean the streets of the bio-hazards? Sports venues before the peoples health? Potholes before the toxic bio hazard dust?
Tsk, tsk. how s a d that truly is.

I am Dave Dowling and this is my blog!


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