Oil companies are making record profits from your wallet!

April 23, 2011 at 9:22 am | Posted in Questions, Quotabull | 1 Comment

Indeed they are. The price of gasoline is at record highs, and it is due to speculation! Wages for oil workers has not gone up, nor has the cost to get the oil out of the ground or out of the sands.

The only thing that has gone up is the oil companies profits, and this last month their profits have increased OVER 30%!
Notice how none of the political parties have talked about this or offered to do anything about it? That’s because they all represent the corporations and banks, and not you. So when the price of gasoline hits $2 per liter and the oil companies make so much profit they start buying countries, and your government only seems to encourage the higher prices that gouge your wallets, purses and bank accounts, it will be because; Oil companies have representation with government and you do not.
Expect to be further gouged on food prices, and clothing prices. Diapers and baby food will also be costing more, as profits for corporations come before your standard of living, and quality of life, and cost of basic necessities.

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  1. Oil companies aren’t they breaking the RICO law? There is a way people could fight back.. In my opinion here is how:

    1. People need not to go to any Exon gas station but only their competitors, by doing this Exon will lose millions in a day. They will eventually have to drop the price.

    2. We have green day. We should have a day that people don’t drive for one day. Apparently there is a time we need to drive for instance to work. This has to be on a day that most people don’t drive as much. By doing this you will cost the oil industry millions in a day.

    For this to impact the oil industry, this has to be done by EVERYONE if you think, let the other person do it, it is not going to work.

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