It’s 4.20 all day and Todays winners and looser of the Canada Revolution!

April 20, 2011 at 9:37 am | Posted in elections, Questions, Quotabull | Leave a comment

Todays winner, the Liberals and NDP. Contempt overflowing conboy, leader of the contempt filled cons is out to con Conada again! In the last so many years, Canada has been a coalition government! contempt glaring conboy, leader of the cons party is so full of it, its oozing out the glare of his contempt filled eyeballs!
Every bill the cons passed during the minority government was a coalition bill, needing the support of at least 2 political parties.

Conboy, the contempt filled leader of the cons party seems to have a fantasy that only the cons can have a minority government full of coalition votes. What a load of contempt that Truly is. Are you going to open wide and swallow it?
Or are you going to rise up and Vote!
Mr Ignatieff and Mr Layton have both said and shown that they have no problem working with others for the good of Canada. In fact both of their parties platforms have excellent ideas that would be good for Canada. all it takes is some political parties working together for the good of Canada to pass legislation. In fact that is how all legislation in the past few years has been passed in Parliament, for we have had minority governments, that have to work in a coalition with other parties to pass any legislation to the senate!
That is how a minority government that has the confidence of the house of commons works.

I am Dave Dowling and this is my blog!


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