The winners of the Canada Revolution today!

April 19, 2011 at 12:20 am | Posted in elections, Questions, Quotabull | 1 Comment

In first place today in the Canada Revolution, Mr Ignatieff and the Liberal party of Canada tied with Elizabeth May and the Green party of Canada! Elizabeth May came to Edmonton Alberta and campaigned like a leader of Canada should! May showed how the Green party platform actually gives Albertans something for their oil, instead of debt and enviro-damage, which is all the cons have given Alberta for its oil. Norway has over $525 Billion dollars and growing for its oil. And it sells less oil and gas than Alberta! has an interesting article on how the Liberals and Mr Ignatieff would fight like an army of seven star generals to save health care in Canada and ensure it remains universal, with no privatization whatsoever to suck profits out of Canada.
Mr Ignatieff and the Liberals showed that they can not only take it, but can also dish it out too, with double dippings if needed, just like a leading 7 star general  should be able to do, anytime anywhere…..

In a one on one in the octagon ring, Mr Ignatieff would K.O. any of the other political party leaders, except for Elizabeth May. She would probably be his tag team partner as they laid the smack down on all the rest of those wantabe Prime ministers.

On the battlefield of the Canada Revolution, Mr. Ignatieff ,7 star general of Canada, keeps grabbing those cluster bombs out of the air, chews them up and spits back cruise missiles out his arse! Thats what those 7 star generals do, extraordinary stuff that most mortals can only dream of doing! and that is why you should RISE UP! Rise up and vote! That is how the revolutions are won here in Canada. by everyone participating and voting , no matter how many times  Bloodbath  Kadaffi says you do not want to vote!

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