Todays winner of the Canada revolution!

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The Liberals and Mr Ignatieff only came in second today, they were beaten by Todays winner, the media! yes those bought and controlled major media, the television stations, the radio stations and the major newspapers that are over 90% controlled by about 5 corporations are todays winners!  They are reaping tens of millions of dollars just from the political parties for adds. On top of that they are getting hours of sound bites , photo ops, vids for free!, well almost free they do have to pay the odd reporter and camerperson.
And those bought and controlled media makes lots off the commercials they sell to corporations in between those media clips of the Canada revolution in action! Yes, m o n e y, is what its all about for the media that are bought and controlled. For they say they are impartial in Elections, but wait! Whomever gives those media the most money wins the most time or space in the media! So they are not really impartial. They are bought and controlled.
At least they only sell out for big dollars, and they will take anyones money, as long as there isn’t too much blood dripping from the faces upon the bills handed to them.
So in elections, the media are not what they claim to be, impartial. for they do as I have pointed out sell out to the highest bidder! whomever gives the most gets the most adds in the airspace, by the editorial, or just after that number one hit that was played!
During this election, the start of the Canada Revolution, the media have so far gotten days if not weeks of free programing for you to view! usually they pay huge sums of money for programs that they air for you to view or hear or read. Elections put more profits in corporate media owners pockets for they get lots of media bits for free, to put in-between the commercials!
And of course, media owners have opinions on how people should vote, so media owners can of course influence how media people report, print, tweek, facebook and talk on air. Media owners, are they impartial? I doubt it. Who is when a revolution is happening? Which is why the web is a good thing, for it puts information back in the hands of the people!when someone else decides what you see, read or hear, they are in control. When you decide you are in control.No one should control you. You should have the right to do that yourself . The web enables the people to really get the information instead of what the media want you to see, hear or read. Which is why you havent heard of the Canada Revolution in the major media but only here on the internet!
which is another of the billions upon billions of reasons to get out and vote!

I am Dave Dowling and this is my blog!


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