This weeks winner in the Canada Revolution!

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 all the ndp and bloc do, is split the vote so the cons win.
Canada needs a change in its governing system from representatives to real democracy where everyone votes on everything and gets a $100 check at the end of the year if they do 100 % of their voting. Democracy puts control of government back in the hands of the people. Canada can do better than what it has and is now.
 Mr Ignatieff and the Liberal paty of Canada who actually showed up in the City of Edmonton! not just in a small hamlet on the outskirts of the Capital of Alberta. The Liberal party showed how Edmonton really has no representation in Ottawa, and is just taken for granted by some, not the Liberals though and Mr Ignatieff.

Campaigning like a warrior poet of yore, Mr Ignatieff in Edmonton showed that even when dead tired from the non-stop campaigning with hardly any sleep, he can still deliver like a Leader should and showed and told why he should be the next prime minister of Canada for the good of Canada. Ignatieff in Edmonton revealed how he would make an excellent Seven star general capable of leading the troops of Canada on any battlefield like a commander can. Ignatieff talked military defense for Canada like no political leader has in decades.
Mr Ignatieff told and showed Edmonton how the Liberal party platform is excellent for Edmonton, Alberta and the rest of the confederation of Nations named Canada.
Mr ignatieff pointed out how the cons have never had a balanced buget since 1889  and more! And he pulled some truth and actual facts out of the election hat to show how it has always been the Liberal party of Canada that has cleaned up the budgetary mess dripped out all over the place by other political parties.. Mr ignatieff talked in Edmonton how it is the Liberal party that is fiscally conservative, bringing in not just balanced budgets, but surplus budgets that help out Canada.
Mr Ignatieff in Edmonton, showed some people in Edmonton how real leaders lead, by leading. Rise up! And vote!
that is how revolutions are won here in Canada, by everyone participating and actually voting. Voting, its a great thing to do and good for the nation, no matter what some, like bloodbath Kadaffi  say.

I am Dave Dowling and this is my Blog!


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